We at Lifting As We Climb, LLC denounce and condemn the terrorist attack by white supremacists against our nation’s seat of government the afternoon of January 6, 2021. We demand each and every terrorist be held accountable and brought to justice swiftly and without hesitation. Let us be direct and perfectly clear – these white supremacists are domestic terrorists who acted at the behest of the sitting President of the United States. They weaponized their collective white privilege to gain entrance to the Capitol and perpetrate acts of violence to incite terror. This act of terrorism, the embarrassing failure in response by law enforcement, and the encouragement from President Trump and Congressman Hawley is a disgusting display of whiteness and white privilege at work. Whiteness allowed terrorists to breech the United States Capitol. Whiteness allowed terrorists to walk those halls and disrupt the very bedrock of our democracy. Whiteness allowed terrorists to exit the steps and return back unharmed and carrying souvenirs. We have zero tolerance for white supremacy, white supremacist terrorists, and leaders and institutions allowing these acts to continue. We call on you, our partners, our leaders, our community members, our families, and our friends, to stand with us. Together, we rise.