We have a surprise!

We Finally did it.

We finally did it! Jazmin and I, from our love of education, created an educational consulting firm to provide help and support to our immediate community in hopes of spreading it nationwide. In our development stages, we set out to produce a space for school aged children to receive meaningful and intentional support regardless to barriers and resources, but through months of planning and deliberate conversation; we learned that academic achievement relies on variables that exist outside of the student. Our hunger for change grew therefore; from intense love and desire for change, we developed Lifting As We Climb Educational Consulting Firm to provide support for students, families, educators, and educational non-profit organizations.

It is no secret that an achievement gap exists and it’s no secret that education is not fair, despite policies that demand that no child be left behind. We know, from experience as students and now as educators, that learning can’t happen at school alone; which demands that a village be created. It is our desire to equip every students’ village with the tools to access academic achievement. In order to attack the barriers from all angles, we offer coaching to teachers in several ways, but specifically ways to implement blended learning, mentorship, tutoring to students, professional development to school districts on serving students with IEPs, culturally responsive teaching, and culturally relevant instruction. Educational Advancement.